HELPS Canada

Homeless Employment and Live-In Pension Service of Canada Society


HELPS Canada is the first program designed to end forced street living and all poverty, starting in British Columbia — and proceeding across Canada. We need your help right now, but only right now! The HELPS Canada Trust, which is designed to become completely self-sustaining, will grow exponentially, year after year.

No more drug overdoses: every addict can be in a treatment program and/or mental health program.

No more child poverty: HELPS Canada is like a heritage fund that will never be touched — only interest from our secure investments will be spent.

No more homelessness: HELPS Canada aims to fund and support affordable housing projects to get people off the streets and into homes.

As the HELPS Canada trust fund grows exponentially year after year, it will Raise the Quality of Life, without Raising the Cost of Living for all low-income and no-income individuals, including our retired poor and our veterans.

Please give generously by pushing the HELPS Canada DONATE link — and please spread the word. Then watch our economy grow from the ground up as dignity is restored to the neglected.

With Your Help, HELPS can STOP Poverty


HELPS collects funds from individual donors, businesses, and organizations to build and grow our HELPS trust fund. That trust fund serves two key purposes:

First, the interest earned on our fund supplements and pays for programs that directly support people in need. For example, transit passes so people can work, uniforms and work boots, training programs, and funds for other organizations helping people meet basic living requirements and find jobs and accommodation.

Second, our trust fund serves as collateral to obtain loans and mortgages for affordable housing projects. Given the opportunity, people are proud to work on projects that help others in their own community.

HELPS founder Bill Johnson understands how poverty, instability, and social barriers keep people from raising their own quality of life. In his construction business, he has been hiring people who need a hand up for years. He has seen the positive effects of simply giving people a job and an opportunity to learn new skills. His dream is to help more people take those first steps toward a better quality of life so they can achieve self-sufficiency.

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